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Careertrac Access

If you require access to CareerTrac and you are a:

Principal Investigator

You should already have access to the system. If you cannot remember your login name, please contact the tenant administrator at CareerTrac@mail.nih.gov

Program Officer

Contact your tenant administrator at CareerTrac@mail.nih.gov

Principal Investigator Administrator

To obtain a CareerTrac login, please fill out the following form:

Enter one or more last names, separated by commas

Enter one or more grants, separated by commas

All other NIH staff and contractors

Complete the access request form located here and submit to CareerTrac@mail.nih.gov

For further information regarding access, please refer to the CareerTrac Access SOP. If you have additional questions, please email CareerTrac@mail.nih.gov.


OMB NO.: 0925-0568 Expiration Date: 04/30/2021

Version 6.0.0-036