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Login Information: CareerTrac Login Help Guide

CareerTrac utilizes the NIH iTrust authentication service which allows you to log in to our system with your eRA Commons ID (PIs and administrative staff) or NIH username (NIH staff). Please be aware, your Commons ID or NIH username must be enabled in our system in order to have full access.

If you require access to CareerTrac, please fill out the following form:

CareerTrac Access Form

What if I don’t have a Commons ID?

If you do not have a Commons ID, follow these directions to request a Commons ID - Obtaining a Commons ID. When you receive your Commons ID, please return to submit the CareerTrac Access Request form, or email us at CareerTrac@nih.gov with your details.

I am a returning user. Why do I get the “No CareerTrac Access” message when I login?

If you have used CareerTrac previously but now receive the “No CareerTrac Access” message after a login attempt, your Commons ID was not added to your existing CareerTrac account. Please send an email with your Commons ID to CareerTrac@nih.gov to re-enable your account.

For further information regarding access, please refer to the CareerTrac Access SOP. If you have additional questions, please contact us at CareerTrac@nih.gov.

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