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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Should users enter accomplishments that took place before being trained by NIEHS?

A: Only enter accomplishments that take place during or after training. NIEHS will not use pre-training accomplishments.

Data Entry

Q: Do you envision each trainee entering their own data, or the PI's entering for them?

A: For quality control purposes, we recommend PIs or their Administrators enter trainee information into ES CareerTrac.

Populate Data

Q: Is there a way to update the info in the report and somehow have that info populate back into the data?

A: At this time there is no way to populate or copy/paste the data. We plan to address this issue in a future enhancement.


Q: What is the NIH definition of a postdoc?

A: An individual who has received a doctoral degree (or equivalent) and is engaged in a defined period of mentored advanced training to enhance the professional skills and research independence needed to pursue his or her chosen career path.

Pre-populated Fields

Q: Why do some of the fields have pre-populated data?

A: ES CareerTrac is based on grant numbers coming from the IMPAC II database at NIH. Relationships have already been established to the grant number, PI, PI institution and countries. Additionally, the ES CareerTrac system has pre-populated the trainee data that is already stored in IMPAC II.


Q: Are publications now entered in CareerTrac rather than included in our annual report? What if we have a pub to report and the former trainee has not submitted a privacy form?

A: Please enter the trainee information and get the privacy statement from the trainee. Publications for the grant (that are not reflected in a trainee's record) should still be submitted as part of the progress report.

Q: Does NIEHS want to track publications years after?

A: Only training supported publications will be required to be collected by PIs. Track publications during training, and it is optional to track following training.

Q: If trainees are in the system more than once, for 2 different training appointments, which of the appointment entries do we enter the publications into?

A: At this time, please enter the publications into both "training experiences"

Record Retention

Q: Are trainees only to remain in the system for the life of a specific grant and then removed or are we supposed to leave all Trainees in the system?

A: Please keep ALL trainees in the system, even beyond the life of the grant. ES CareerTrac collects data on trainees associated with grants going back to 1990. If you encounter any trainees for your older grants, please try to update their information where possible.


Q: Will grantees be required to submit reports using the tables as in the past?

A: ES CareerTrac only tracks data associated with trainees. Overall program data will still need to be reported at NIEHS's request.

Required Fields

Q: Should the user go through the application and fill-in all required fields on a trainee once they begin a record?

A: The required fields have been consigned to the page (screen) groupings only. Once the user begins to fill-in information on a page, give the REQUIRED information or cancel from that page.

Trainees: Lost-to-follow-up

Q: I am in the process of trying to trace all our trainees (n 50). I have been communicating to many over the years, so I know I have current contact information - but some I have lost contact with. I am trying to trace them through my current trainees, but I still anticipate some problems in reaching them. Do you i) have any advice and/or suggestions, and ii) any alternate plan for these "lost-to-follow-up" individuals? Should I enter only part of the information, i.e. particulars of their training experience because that is of public record?

A: We, too, are concerned about the follow up. Please do the best you can on this. Hopefully, something will happen in the future as alliances/collaborations come to the forefront.

Training experiences data set

Q: A few of our trainees have been selected to receive MS training and then later selected again to receive PhD training. Do I enter their information twice, since they have 2 different training experiences?

A: Please enter the information twice.

Q: What do you call the data set for each trainee?

A: Training experiences


OMB NO.: 0925-0568 Expiration Date: 04/30/2021

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